BA Top Briards 2022

Top Dog and Top Briard 2022 - Ch Gilcoru Wolfblas D'Brie (Mrs L Rual & Mrs N Rual-Keogh)

Res Top Dog 2022 - Ch Stormymoon Untamed Irish (Miss J A Parry)

Top Bitch 2022 - Ch Stormymon Summer (Miss J A Parry)

Joint Reserve Top Bitch 2022 - Ch Qessi Heaven Devil at Starwell (Cze Imp) (Mr T J and Mrs A M Fieldsend)

Joint Reserve Top Bitch 2022 - Ch Stormfield Fergie at Chavell (Mrs C Biddlecombe)

Best Puppy 2022 - Chavell Bonjour Maisie (Mrs P Harwell)

Best Veteran 2022 - Ch Jandade L'Butler (Miss D Wilson)